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Love Your Neighbor -Matthew 22:39

PICTURED ABOVE: Me with some of our awesome neighbors sporting our awesome #MarcoMoments wrist bands. NOT PICTURED: several other awesome neighbors.

It didn’t take long after moving into our neighborhood in February 2018 for us to be greeted and welcomed by several loving neighbors. From plates of chocolate covered strawberries and brownies, to invitations for barbecues and game nights -- we immediately felt a sense of fellowship and belonging. Shortly after settling in, I remember standing in our new kitchen talking about our overwhelming feelings that God, for some reason, had picked us up and planted us in the middle of so many wonderful people. We knew right away that our being here was very intentional, though we never could have predicted just how much truth was in that sentiment.

The neighbors quickly became friends, doing life together. They fell in love and played with our kids. We began doing weekends together, hikes, baseball and basketball in the back yard, sleepovers, holidays and birthdays, dinners, and just good old fashioned porch sitting. They were a phone call away if we needed them, and they were a phone call away when we desperately needed them most. They rushed to the hospital. They held our hands. They stayed. The cried with us. They prayed with us. They walked with us. They held us up. They mowed our lawn. They brought us food and clothes. They fed our pets. They laughed with us. They lined a hospital hallway, along with other friends and family, at two o’clock in the morning to say goodbye to a little boy known to them for only a short time, yet leaving a lifelong impact. They mourned with us. And, they stayed. They are still here, continuing to do all of these things and more. They are still willing to help at a moments notice with servant hearts. They are family.

May 16th is National Do Something Good For Your Neighbor Day. We’ve been blessed with many great neighbors along the way - past and present. In honor of them and

this day, we encourage you to create positive ripples by showing love in action to your neighbors.

If you need some ideas, here are a few:

  • Take a meal (or our favorite, dessert)

  • Invite over for tea, coffee, or dessert

  • If it’s trash day, pull your neighbor’s trash cans from the curb

  • Leave a thank you note for an act of kindness from your neighbor

  • Simply have a conversation with a neighbor you might not speak to often

  • Offer to help carry in groceries

  • Offer to mow the lawn or help with yard work

What will your #MarcoMoment be today?

A very special THANK YOU to all of our AWESOME neighbors out there. WE LOVE YOU!


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