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This is our why.

What started as a way for us to show love to others while remembering Marco on his birthday, began a ripple that has turned into waves of kindness for other children. We were not prepared for the overwhelming show of love & support. And for that, we continue to be so grateful.

We thought we would never be able to celebrate with Marco on his birthday again, but his spirit lives on in every birthday celebration we are able to give. Now, we not only celebrate Marco’s birthday, but thousands of other children on their birthdays through #BirthdayBoxes.

Everyone deserves a special birthday. Every birthday deserves to be celebrated, honored, remembered. Every child should know that they matter, they are valued, they are loved, and that the day they were born is so very special!

The #BirthdayBox itself is just stuff, but the way it makes the person feel is the best part! We see the boxes not as boxes, but as moments of joy for kids & their families. It’s a small way for us to remind them that they matter & are loved.

We could give you a thousand other reasons. Tell you about hundreds of ripples created by Marco’s short life. Stories of hope, faith, resilience, love, kindness, generosity and positivity. All of those are great reasons for why we do this. But this is our why.

Happy Birthday Marco!

We love you so much! 💙


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