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Feature Friday

The school year has ended for some and is coming to a close for others. As we reflect on a year full of highs and lows, we would be remiss if we didn’t pause to pay tribute to several ladies who helped us through it, some of whom are pictured above.

Maximo and Marco started attending Flutterby Discovery Center when they were babies. Maximo started at six months (when it was called Animal Krackers), Marco started at ten weeks. These ladies have been wonderful to our boys and to us. They have played with them, taken care of them, changed their diapers, dried their tears, cleaned their dirty faces, bandaged their boo-boos, helped potty train (God bless them), laughed with, and most importantly - love them like their own. Marco was in their preschool program at the time of his passing. These women were with us at the hospital, surrounding Marco’s bed and covering him in prayer and love as tears flowed. After Marco passed, they surrounded us - and especially Maximo - with prayer and oh so much love. They are amazing, beautiful people and we could not have gotten through this, or any other, year without them.

From daycare, preschool, and now Maximo prepares to leave first grade and a teacher we all love so very much. He is nervous to leave the security and caring hand of a woman who has helped him process his loss and grief. A beautiful soul who has loved him through what will possibly be the most difficult season of his life. I was so worried about his little seven-year-old heart as he returned to school after the traumatic loss of his best friend, his baby brother. The worry soon subsided as I realized he was in the most capable and loving hands. Mrs. Kretzer has not only nurtured Maximo, but also prayed for him and us while teaching and caring for him with a level of compassion and sensitivity that is truly God-given.

Our hearts are full of gratitude for these women who are full of so much grace and light.


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