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All are Welcome Here

When we first began thinking about a non-profit that honored Marco, we knew we wanted to do a lot with it. We spent a considerable amount of time thinking about what we wanted this to be, how we wanted it to look, to feel. Our mission was clear: to bring hope, comfort, and healing with #MarcoMoments that create ripples of positive change. But to whom? To those in need? To those who are suffering? To children, adults, students, Christians, non-Christians? We quickly realized the answer was pretty simple. We want to be accessible to everyone.

Since Marco’s passing, we have relied heavily on our community. The support and love we continue to receive from so many people through various walks of life, has been amazing and overwhelming. We are forever grateful for these relationships, and for the love that has been poured into us. Our goal is to pay it forward by pouring back into others as we work to continue ripples of love and encouragement. In doing so, we recognize that there are those out there who do not have a support system and who are in need of community.

If you know us and our story, you also know that our belief in Jesus and His promises have been the main source of our hope, comfort, and healing. Our hope comes from the Lord, and we depend on His assurance as we invest in others who may or may not believe. While remaining true to our faith, we respect and recognize that not all who are suffering have this same belief. We strive to live by the example of Jesus who loves and is for all.

If you are in need of hope, comfort, and healing, you are not alone. We are here for you.

All are welcome here.


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